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SA boost as club jump outs to be filmed

In a major boost for both punters and owners, all South Australian club jump outs will now be filmed, with vision and results shown on the Thoroughbred Racing SA (TRSA) website here.

The new condition kicked in yesterday, meaning South Australian trials, approval jump outs and club jump outs are freely accessible.

The new measure – a TRSA initiative, with co-operation from both the South Australian Jockey Club and provincial clubs – is another positive for the industry in South Australia, according to TRSA racing operations manager, David Thomas.

“It gives owners every chance to see how their horse is performing. And of course it’s more information for punters. So it’s all about transparency.”

Jump-out riders are required to wear colours to assist with the results process.

Results from the club jump outs will be posted on the TRSA website within 24 hours, or as soon as possible. Just last year, TRSA announced that all approval jump outs would be filmed and available to watch via the TRSA website.

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