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TRSA-Hygain partnership to facilitate better care for ex-racehorses

A shared commitment to caring for thoroughbreds both during and beyond their racetrack careers has forged a new partnership between Thoroughbred Racing South Australia (TRSA) and Hygain Feeds to facilitate better care for horses.

In recent times TRSA has enhanced its already-strong focus on animal welfare and developing industry-leading practices, and this fresh union will help further drive that principle.

The partnership will see Hygain supply properties associated with TRSA’s re-training and re-homing of ex-racehorses with products at preferred pricing, while Hygain will also act as the nutritional consultant for those responsible for care of these horses. Furthermore re-homed horses will receive a nutritional care pack including feed products valued over $100 to assist in the initial phases of their new life.

TRSA’s chief executive officer Nick Redin said the association was another example of a genuine dedication to caring for horses after their racing careers ended.

“TRSA has been embarking on a more structured methodology of re-homing retired racehorses and the SA industry will continue to support any initiative that prioritises the welfare and transition of horses post-racing,” Mr Redin said.

“The Hygain group’s feeds are an ideal fit for horses transitioning from a full racing feeding program to one that promotes longevity and control.

“As an aside, we’re confident this new partnership will assist any new owners with the financial implications of their new acquisition.”

Hygain’s Martin Connell said the partnership with TRSA would provide thoroughbreds with “seamless nutritional support, from the time they leave the track, as well as offering longer-term support and advice to their eventual new home”.

“Hygain has a proud history of supporting the racing industry, however at the core of who we are and how we have evolved as a company is a passion for the horse itself,” Mr Connell said.

“This is why we are so keen to play a role in this initiative by the TRSA that is focused on safeguarding the longer-term future of racing thoroughbreds.

“The dignity of the thoroughbred as a much-loved and unique creature extends well beyond their racing days and just as we at Hygain, Mitavite and Fiber Fresh proudly fuel their engines while they are on the track, so too are we eager to continue their nutritional welfare in their next phase of life – be it in the breeding barn, retirement, pleasure or other high-performance discipline.”

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