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Trainers Travel Subsidy

Thinking of bringing your horses to Kangaroo ISland in 2018, well the Kangaroo ISland Racing Club has a remarkable offer for you. 

All categories listed below will be at no charge to you and include a driver and one passenger at no cost. 

Type of Transport Minimum Number of Horses Charge 
Horse Truck 4 No Charge
Three-Horse Float 3 No Charge
Two-Horse Float  2 No Charge 
One-Horse Float 1 $200 Subsidy

Conditions - 

Bookings in the first three categories (Hore Truck, Three-Horse Float, and Two Horse Float) include a driver and one passenger. Bookings must be made through Kangaroo Island Racing Club. Please call James Bates on 0400 852 522. 

Any trainer traveling with a One-Horse Float will need to book directly with SeaLink.  

All the above floats must carry the minimum number of horses indicated or a chargeback of $200 for each horse not carried will be charged to the trainer making the booking. 


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