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Trainer: Shane Oxlade

Based out of Woodchester, SA.


Name Age Colour Sex Last race
See Me Rollin' 9 BROWN OR BLACK Gelding Wed 12/08/2020
Appollo Jet 7 BAY Gelding Sat 08/08/2020
Ustinov's Fury 11 BAY OR BROWN Gelding Sat 08/08/2020
Order Is Restored 3 BAY Gelding Sat 01/08/2020
Lady Berlinetta 4 BROWN Filly Wed 15/07/2020
Follow The Prompts 4 BAY OR BROWN Gelding Sun 05/07/2020
Just Jilted 4 BAY OR BROWN Filly Wed 01/07/2020
Take It Up a Gia 5 BAY Mare Wed 17/06/2020
One More Jack 5 BAY Gelding Sat 16/05/2020
Eperdument 6 BAY Mare Sat 16/05/2020