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Track Specialists - Who rides our tracks the best?

The old saying goes 'horses for courses' and while some horses love particular tracks, jockeys also have their favourites. So which jockeys have the most success at our Metropolitan and Provincial tracks?

Taking the statistics from this season it is clear that Jamie Kah has had a lot of success but some of our younger and more experienced riders have great strike rates at various tracks around the state. 

Note: A rider must have had a minimum of ten rides at a track for their strike rate to be included.  



Most Wins: Clare Lindop - 22 wins at 16.8% | 41.2% Place

Best Strike Rate: John Allen - 6 wins at 35.3% 

Clare Lindop's record on the main track at Morphettville is keeping her in the hunt for this season's Metropolitan Premiership while a successful Autumn Carnival with Darren Weir has helped Victorian visitor John Allen's strike rate. Other Victorians in Harry Coffey (29.4%), Craig Williams (23.5%) and Noel Callow (20%) also have a great strike rate at Morphettville while Clare Lindop's 16.8% is the best of the local riders, just ahead of Simon Price with 4 wins at 16.7%.

Morphettville Parks

Most Wins: Jamie Kah - 22 wins at 16.8% | 41.2% Place

Best Strike Rate: Emily Finnegan - 21 wins at 24.4%

While Clare Lindop may have had more success on the main track, Jamie Kah owns the Parks circuit notching up 22 wins on there this season. Emily Finnegan rides the track better than anyone else with a 24.4% strike rate and has achieved 21 of her 31 Metropolitan winners on the Parks track this season.  




Most Wins: Jamie Kah - 8 wins at 20% | 52.5% Place

Best Strike Rate: Matthew Neilson - 7 wins at 29.2% 

With Jamie Kah notching up over 100 winners across the state for the season, there is no surprise she sits atop of many club's leaderboards but her strike rate at Balaklava is one of her strongest across the state. Matthew Neilson is only one win behind Kah at Balaklava and has an impressive strike rate of 29.2%. He's back in the saddle today after an injury layoff and will be keen to keep up those strong numbers. 


Most Wins: Jamie Kah - 8 wins at 17.4% | 50% Place

Best Strike Rate: Emily Finnegan - 4 wins at 22.2% 

Eight winners for Jamie Kah at Gawler this season and that could be a lot more with 10 second placings as well. Young apprentice Emily Finnegan seems to enjoy the Gawler track recording 4 wins this season at 22.2% 

Murray Bridge

Most Wins: Jamie Kah - 12 wins at 19% | 57.1% Place

Best Strike Rate: Matthew Neilson - 4 wins at 21.1%

Another track, another place with Jamie Kah on top of the table with 12 wins at 19%. Equally impressive is her 57.1% place rate. 


Most Wins: Jamie Kah - 10 wins at 18.9% | 49.1% Place

Best Strike Rate: Ryan Hurdle - 3 wins at 30%

Kah has always had a strong record at Strathalbyn and this has continued this season with 10 wins at the track. Ryan Hurdle hasn't ridden much at Strathalbyn this season but has a strong strike rate of 3 wins at 30%. Joe Bowditch has also notched up 8 wins at 25.8% at Strathalbyn this season.

Mount Gambier

Most Wins: Damien Thornton - 8 wins at 18.6% | 39.5% Place

Best Strike Rate: Melissa Julius - 5 wins at 27.8%

In form jockey Damien Thornton took the honours at Mount Gambier this season with eight winners at the track, while Victorian apprentice Melissa Julius made her interstate trips count at the Mount with a 27.8% strike rate.   

Port Lincoln

Most Wins: Jamie Kah - 20 wins at 36.4% | 50.9% Place

Best Strike Rate: Jamie Kah - 20 wins at 36.4% | Victor Wong - 5 wins at 20.8%

No one rode the Port Lincoln track better than Jamie Kah this season. 20 wins at 36.4% is an amazing effort and the highlight was on Port Lincoln Cup Day where she rode five winners on the card.  

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