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Track Proof Shoes for The Races

The shoes you wear to the races have to be a certain kind. The conditions of a race track present a few minor challenges in the form of grass, sometimes dirt, and exposure to the elements. Keeping that in mind, it's important to make sure your shoes can last the distance, and you also don't destroy them in the process.

If you're a stiletto lover, it may be time to aquaint yourself with the block heel. To avoid sinking in the grass as you make your way around the course, a solid heel is your best friend. Thankfully, most shoe brands have a great selection of block and thicker heels in plenty of colours and styles. For even more comfort, a strap around the ankle makes it much more comfortable to be on your feet all day, and also is a nice flattering style.

Dirt, damp grass and the occasional spill from the champagne glass can often end up on our feet, and you don't want your race-day heels to be one hit wonders. Patent leather fabrics and materials you can wipe easily are a big plus. Go for a suede style only if you think you won't be walking through any wet areas! 

For the perfect pair of heels for your next race day, start with these ones...

Jaggar Footwear Caos Metal Heel

jagger shoe













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Tony Bianco Casper Heel

heels 2

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Spurr Heeled Sandal












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Jaggar Footwear Vertex Heel

heels 10

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Nine West Astoria Heels

heels 4

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Senso Xyrus Heels 

heels 5

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Tony Bianco Carabou Mule

heels 6

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Jo Mercer Queen Dress High Heel

heels 7

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For more, head to Jaggar Footwear, Nine West, Jo Mercer, Tony Bianco and Senso 

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