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Raquel Clark - Making Her Mark in Adelaide

She’s been in South Australia for just over three months and Raquel Clark hasn’t taken long to make a name for herself, riding the first four winners on the card at Morphettville on Saturday.

Clark came to Adelaide from her home state of Tasmania in March, on loan to the Leon Macdonald & Andrew Gluyas stable for three months. With one week to go of her loan, she decided to make the move permanent.

“Practically it made sense. I had just settled into life in Adelaide and I get on really well with Leon and Andrew, so I decided to stay.”

Clark is fairly new to the horse game, only starting her journey to become a jockey two and a half years ago with a recommendation from her brother.

“He (brother Dylan) loves his horses and was a breaker and then became a trainer. I’ve basically followed him with everything and he suggested I become a jockey and now here I am.”   

The talented apprentice who won her first ever race ride went on to finish second in last season’s Tasmanian Jockey Premiership, finishing on 56 wins for the season.

After a successful season in Tasmania, Clark decided a move to the mainland would be the best decision for her career development.

“I wanted to expand my knowledge and skills as I had become a bit set in my ways in Tassie. South Australia is really supportive of women in racing, with three girls on top of the premiership table, so the move seemed like a natural fit.”

One of those women on top of the premiership table, Jamie Kah has been a big help to Clark in the last few months.

“Jamie has been a really good riding role model to me. She’s helped out a lot which I’ve really appreciated.”

The move to Adelaide has also been made a lot easier with a lot of support from Clark’s family and friends.

“My family have been huge in supporting me with the move. Dad came over for four weeks to help me settle in and mum has been over for one week. I’ve had so much support from back home in Tasmania. I still speak to all my friends there every day.”

Her new masters, Leon Macdonald & Andrew Gluyas have also been incredibly important in her permanent move.

“Leon and Andrew are really supportive of me and they are so good at what they do. It’s great to be a part of their stable.”

“John Hickmott has also been great for me. He’s given me lots of rides in the country and on Wednesday’s where I can’t claim.”

As for life in Adelaide Clark is enjoying the warmer weather than back home in Tasmania.

“Adelaide is a beautiful place and the weather is a lot better than in Tassie. No snow in the mornings is a huge plus!”

Clark is a very relaxed character who is really taking each day as it comes.

“I don’t really have any goals. I’m just happy to go with the flow at the moment. I want to learn and ride as much as I can… I’d love to get to Melbourne one day though.”

If Clark can continue riding in the form she was in on Saturday, one day she could very well be one of the women at the top of the Adelaide Premiership Table.

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