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Hazel and Clifford Looking Forward to their 3DE Return

Like many horses, Sidespin never made it to the races. After finishing last in his two official trials in Tasmania his breeder and owner decided a career in the racing industry wasn't for him.

Fast forward ten years and Sidespin, now known as Clifford, has become one of Australia's finest equestrian horses.

Hazel Shannon has been alongside Clifford for all of his eventing life after he was sent to an Equestrian Centre post his short racing career. 

"I just managed to find him at the right time. He has such a great temperament and just cruised through the lower levels of eventing. This will be our fourth year at the Adelaide 3 Day Event and we've kept stepping up in grade from the two star to four-star event each year."

Clifford's rise through the ranks on the equestrian circuit has surprised many including his breeder and owner.

"Even the lady who bred him didn't expect him to be as good as he is. No one did really! He's a real surprise package that just keeps trying and trying."

Shannon has a few other horses in her stable along with Clifford but she can see the natural differences between retired racehorses and others.   

"Each horse is different but the retired racehorses tend to have more speed and stamina which is huge value at the higher levels." 

"They aren't natural dressage horses but he has such a good temperaments and wants to learn all the time which has made him such a good all-rounder."

After taking our last year's four-star event, Shannon and Clifford are excited about the prospects of going back to back. 

"We're up against so many great riders and horses this year but I feel he's going the best he ever has at the moment!"

As for the event, Shannon is glowing in regards to the popular South Australian event.

"There are just so many things I like about the Adelaide 3 Day Event. It's just so unique to have an event like this in the middle of the city. It's the most viewed equestrian event in Australia and you get such a big, broad crowd come along to watch. It's great to be a part of."


TRSA are a proud sponsor of the 3 Day Event and have sponsored the leading retired racehorse in the two and four star categories for five years. We are also proud to be the sponsor of the leading retired racehorse in the three-star category this year. 

The action kicks off this Friday 17th November, for more information go to

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