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Kah starts 2021 with a bang

She's been labelled the hottest jockey in Australia and Jamie Kah has started 2021 with a bang. 

After six metropolitan winners in two days in Melbourne (at Flemington and Caulfield), Kah now leads Damien Oliver by 11 in her quest to become the first female in history to win the Victoria jockeys’ premiership. 

Manager Lachie Weekley said it was a brilliant start for the South Australian talent, who was riding the crest of a wave in racing mecca in Melbourne. 

“Like any rider, when they start getting on a roll everybody wants to ring and put them on,” Weekley said on RSN radio. 

Most amazingly, Kah has a strike-rate of 19.4 per cent runners to winners, more than 8 per cent higher than Oliver. 

Weekley said it was a hectic job balancing the work alongside his role as racing manager for the Will Clarken stable as the demand for Kah’s services in the saddle increases by the day. 

“I guess you’re on call all the time,” said Weekley, who also manages Linda Meech. 

“That’s the racing game.” 

Kah is firmly focused on winning the Victorian premiership and Weekley said it was a big part of the process to try and identify if there were bigger opportunities interstate while focusing on the Victorian title. 

“Depending on what is going to be going where, there is obviously a lot of water to be going under the bridge (as far as the premiership goes),” Weekley added. 

“This year for example, the Gold Coast is probably a bit different to previous years. There are probably a few less Victorian horses going for the better races, (so) we’ve elected to stay down here. 

“Depending on what horses are going where it’s a little bit open ended.” 

And Weekley said it was crucial to balance the increasing demand for Kah’s services as her stocks continue to rise. 

“It depends on where the races are, if there is something she needs to be riding, if it’s Ballarat or Geelong,” he said. 

“At the end of the day that’s where a lot of horses can kick off winning a maiden and then all of a sudden it’s in a stakes race. 

“You need to be going to those places. It’s just a matter of where and when and if there’s a horse that she really needs to on, she’ll be more than happy to go. 

“But we need to get the balance right.” 


IMAGE: Just Horse Racing

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