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John Letts Medal

The John Letts Medal recognises excellence in riding and outstanding achievements at all race meetings throughout the State during the season.


John Letts















The medal is presented at the annual Thoroughbred Racing SA Industry Awards and is awarded to the jockey who receives the most votes by the stewards officiating on each race day.

Votes are given on a 3-2-1 basis at Metropolitan meetings, 2 -1 at Provincial and 1 vote at Country venues.

All jockeys riding each day are eligible to receive votes and a rider may receive multiple votes at a race meeting.A rider will be ineligible to be awarded votes in any race in which he breaches Rule AR 137(a), (riding offences). In addition any rider found guilty of an offence under Rule AR 81A (a) or (b), (banned substances) shall become ineligible for the Medal.

In the event of two or more riders being awarded an equal number of votes at the end of the season then joint winners will be declared.

Progressive totals will be released monthly via The Races Magazine and also on this website.

2010/11 Winner: Clare Lindop

2011/12 Winner: Matthew Neilson

2012/13 Winner: Jamie Kah

2013/14 Winner: Jason Holder

2014/15 Winner: Clare Lindop

2015/16 Winners: Jamie Kah & Jason Holder 

2016/17 Winner: Jamie Kah

2017/18 Winner: Jamie Kah

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