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Placing a Bet

A day at the races would not be complete without attempting to back a winning horse.

The information on this page is to assist in understanding:

  • the basic types of bets to choose from
  • how to place your bet once you have decided on your winning horse

Basic Types of BetsCouple studying racing guide


Your chosen horse must come first


Your chosen horse must finish in the top three places for you to win.

(there must be at least  8 horses in the race)

Each way:

Wager on a horse to either come first or in a place (2nd or 3rd)


Choosing two horses, they must finish 1st and 2nd , in any order for you to win


You select 1st, 2nd and 3rd finishing horses in the correct order to win


How to place a bet

Depending on the event, there will be “bookies” and / or a TAB window at the racecourse for you to place your bet with.

Information that you will be asked when placing a bet:

1. Race meeting Location

2. Race number (from the racebook provided on the day)

3. Bet type, for instance place or each way (as above)    

4. Horse number(s) that you would like to bet on (from the racebook provided on the day

5. Amount you would like to spend eg $5 (totally up to you)

That is all that is involved in having a flutter at the races


If you or anyone you know may have a problem with gambling please seek advice.