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Jockey: Chris Parnham

Based out of ASCOT, WA


# Race Horse Date Surface Track Rating Venue
15th The Goodwood Malibu Style 18/05/19 Good 4 Oakbank
2nd Romeo's Hill Smith Stakes Stars Of Carrum 13/10/18 Good 3 Oakbank
2nd Antonio and Elisabeth Romeo Handicap Box On Collins 13/10/18 Good 3 Oakbank
1st Martin Plunkett Communications Handicap (Heat 5 Skybeau Series) Sweet Mischief 13/10/18 Good 3 Oakbank
9th Mount Franklin Light Sparkling Maiden Plate (Ht 9 Rebel Raider Series) Logan River 13/10/18 Good 3 Oakbank
3rd Darley Goodwood I'll Have a Bit 19/05/18 Soft 6 Oakbank
2nd Robert & Fay Gerard R A Lee Stakes Over Exposure 19/05/18 Soft 6 Oakbank
2nd EFEX Centaurea Stakes Temple of Bel 19/05/18 Soft 6 Oakbank
10th M&J Chickens National Stakes Yulong Mercury 19/05/18 Soft 6 Oakbank
10th UBET Classic (Registered as Robert Sangster Stakes) Legless Veuve 05/05/18 Soft 5 Oakbank
1st UBET Euclase Stakes I'll Have a Bit 05/05/18 Soft 5 Oakbank
5th Quayclean Matrice Stakes Heart of a Lion 12/03/18 Good 4 Oakbank
7th Darley Stallions Handicap Incomparable 12/03/18 Good 4 Oakbank
4th H C Nitschke Stakes Plenty to Like 29/04/17 Turf Soft 6 Morphettville Parks
1st UBET SA Derby 13th May Handicap (Heat 10 Autumn Series) Act of Valour 29/04/17 Turf Soft 6 Morphettville Parks
4th Breeders' Stakes (To be run on Main Track) Faith in Hand 29/04/17 Soft 6 Oakbank
8th Projection Graphics Redelva Stakes Invisible Girl 22/04/17 Good 4 Oakbank
17th Schweppervescence Stakes (Registered as Auraria Stakes) Peninsula Links 22/04/17 Good 4 Oakbank
1st Hughes Chauffeured Limousines R N Irwin Stakes Viddora 22/04/17 Good 4 Oakbank
5th Darley Goodwood 20th May Handicap Abu Dhabi 22/04/17 Good 4 Oakbank
4th UBET Lightning Stakes Power Trip 30/07/16 Soft 6 Oakbank
8th Hughes Chauffeured Limousines Handicap Armando 30/07/16 Soft 6 Oakbank
17th Hughes Chauffeured Limousines Queen Of The South Stakes Indarra 07/05/16 Good 4 Oakbank
8th UBET Classic (Registered as Robert Sangster Stakes) Vezalay 07/05/16 Good 4 Oakbank
2nd MAC Drink Driving? GROW UP Handicap Zebrinz 07/05/16 Good 4 Oakbank
10th Joy Star of Christmas Series Final (Qualified horses)(Morph Parks) Ustinov's Fury 26/12/15 Turf Good 4 Morphettville Parks
11th Adelaide Galvanising Christmas Hcp Silent Whisper 26/12/15 Good 4 Oakbank
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