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Racing Update 1 - Jump Outs

TRSA wish to advise that from 1 October 2020, all Nominations for Approval Jump Outs are required to be done through Racing Australia/StableAssist per normal race meetings and trials.

Nominations for Approval Jump Outs will close at 11.00am the business day before the Jump Outs take place, with fields released later in the day.

Horses will be divided into heats by TRSA and once published no change can be madeTrainers will be able to nominate Unnamed horses providing they have lodged a stable return for that horse to be in their stable.

Fees will be collected by TRSA through the weekly stakes system and passed onto the club.

The first set of Approval Jump Outs that are required to be nominated this way are Murray Bridge on Friday 2nd October with Nominations closing at 11.00am Thursday 1st October.

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