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Equine Welfare Officer

Overview of the Role

  • To deliver best practice equine welfare standards across the South Australian Thoroughbred Racing Industry.
  • In conjunction with the Stewards to investigate breaches of the rules of racing as they relate to equine welfare.
  • To monitor licensed premises to ensure that they meet the standard required for responsible equine welfare.
  • Demonstrates commitment to TRSA Employee Values which include Health Safety & Wellbeing, Ethical Behaviour, Efficiency Participation and Service of Customers.
  • Adherence to TRSA Operational Policies

Key Responsibilities / Accountabilities

Best Practice Equine Welfare Standards:

  • Continuous Improvement to the Equine Welfare Framework to ensure contemporary expectations are achieved.
  • Develop and implement equine welfare projects that include:
    • Humane euthanasia program
    • Industry delivered emergency assistance
    • Industry assisted fire safety planning for properties
    • Identify external individuals/organisations to deliver re-homing opportunities for racehorses exiting the racing population.
    • Other projects as identified

Equine Welfare Investigations:

  • Liaising with all relevant parties including complainants, RSPCA, Industry Veterinarian, Stewards and other parties as identified.
  • Conducting equine welfare inspections and monitoring of licensed properties
  • Undertaking all aspects of an investigation including interviews, preparation of briefs and acting as witness where appropriate.
  • Identify and implement technological solutions to enhance equine welfare outcomes.

Standards at Licensed Premises:

  • Develop and implement formal welfare standards that must be adhered to at licensed premises.
  • Develop and implement Stable Inspection Policy and Strategy including continuous monitoring of licensed premises as they relate to welfare.
  • Undertake and audit stable returns as they relate to horses entering and exiting the racing population.
  • Professional conduct that upholds the integrity of the thoroughbred racing industry

Desirable Characteristics 

Educational / Vocational qualifications

  • Formal qualifications in veterinarian/equine science or relevant fields.

 Personal abilities / aptitudes

  • Ability to manage multiple tasks
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to think laterally and independently
  • Strong Problem solving skills
  • Willingness to learn
  • Ability to explain issues to people at a level they understand
  • The ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

Knowledge and Experience

  • Understanding of contemporary equine welfare standards
  • Understanding of the rules of racing as they relate to equine welfare
  • Sound computer literacy skills including a working knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • Understanding of how to use twitter
  • Understanding of Racing Australia’s Single National System.

General Employment Conditions

 Working Hours 

  • Hours of work are generally 8.30am – 5.00pm with an hour for breaks.
  • Weekend and after hours work will be required from time to time as agree with Manager.
  • Rostered Days off are accrued where work is undertaken on a Saturday or Public Holiday
  • Work undertaken on a Sunday will be a paid at the Sunday rate.

TRSA is committed to providing employees with flexible working arrangements, as such alternative arrangements may be made with your direct Manager.

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